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Third-Party AGTEK Takeoff & Modeling Services

The following consultants (listed alphabetically by region) use AGTEK software to produce 3D grading models for quantity takeoff, GPS grade control, and project management applications.  Some of these consultants specialize in providing earthwork quantity takeoff services, while some offer a range of project management services; and some specialize in GPS machine control data preparation, while others offer a broad range of 3D modeling and analytic services--including 3D data manipulation with various other CAD, rendering, and visualization software applications.  If your needs will require a consultant to deliver AGTEK data files to you, be sure that both you and the consultant are using compatible AGTEK product versions.  Finally, this list of consultants is provided for informational purposes only and inclusion of a consultant here does not represent an endorsement or recommendation by Earthwork Software Services.

[If you are an AGTEK service provider and would like your web site listed here, email us.]

Western States (AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, OR, WA) . . .

A World of Dirt, LLC  (Colorado) Tel: 303-489-2916
Affordable Site Model  (California) Tel: 559-593-9060
Allison’s Takeoffs and Models, LLC  (Idaho) Tel: 208-919-3398
Anderson Estimating Service  (California) Tel: 714-598-7049
Borchardt Construction Technology  (Idaho) Tel: 530-514-2820
BVR Systems, LLC  (Arizona) Tel: 520-900-2871
Construction Engineering Consulting Group, Inc.  (California) Tel: 510-449-9014
Developers Research  (California) Tel: 949-861-3300
Dirt Calc.  (Washington) Tel: 360-612-1444
Dirt Logic, LLC  (Oregon) Tel: 503-662-7407
Dirt Pro, LLC  (Arizona) Tel: 480-840-1570
DirtPrep Data Services  (California) Tel: 800-455-5165
EarthCalc, Inc.  (California) Tel: 800-765-1717
Earthwork Quantity Take Offs  (California) Tel: 951-678-0944
Earthwork Services, Inc.  (Washington) Tel: 360-533-2007
F3 & Associates, Inc.  (California) Tel: 707-748-4300
GPS Precision Grade, LLC  (California) Tel: 951-906-7067
J.T. Kruer & Company  (California) Tel: 858-550-0044
Land Development X Colorado, Inc.  (Colorado) Tel: 720-483-3343
Mayers & Associates Civil Engineering, Inc.  (California) Tel: 949-599-0870
Northstar 3D  (Arizona) Tel: 480-848-8807
Osler Group, LLC  (Colorado) Tel: 970-227-6935
Prime Vision, Inc.  (Idaho) Tel: 208-427-4853
RDO Integrated Controls  (Montana) Tel: 406-696-0098
Terracalc Land Surveying, Inc.  (Oregon) Tel: 503-857-0935
Vertis Consulting, formerly SoCal GPS  (California) Tel: 909-379-9381

Central States (IL, IA, TX) . . .

Digital Tek Services Corp.  (Illinois) Tel: 630-279-3080
Elder Technology Group  (Iowa) Tel: 515-266-8324
Section 31, LLC  (Texas) Tel: 737-600-6353

Eastern States (FL, GA, MD, NH, NY, NC, OH, PA, TN, VA) . . .

Ashington Earthwork Estimating Service, Inc.  (New York) Tel: 877-689-5650
Construction Modeling & Consulting  (Alabama) Tel: 931-308-4948
Earth Tek, LLC  (Florida) Tel: 904-509-6568
Farpoint Construction Consulting  (North Carolina) Tel: 984-222-9087
Florida Dirt Group, Inc.  (Florida) Tel: 386-410-5717
Harlan & Associates  (Ohio) Tel: 440-498-9559
JM Dirt Modeling, LLC  (Florida) Tel: 407-552-7165
Site Development Services, Inc.  (Virginia) Tel: 703-968-3300
Site Tech Company, Inc.  (Virginia) Tel: 434-953-9532
Site Tech Solutions  (Florida) Tel: 772-485-6481
Sitework Estimates  (New Hampshire) Tel: 603-866-4639
TBG Consulting  (Florida) Tel: 407-683-2612
Updegraff Estimating Services, LLC  (Maryland) Tel: 301-624-4109
Walsh Estimating Service  (Pennsylvania) Tel: 800-448-1167
Willoughby 2000, PLLC  (North Carolina) Tel: 704-895-5350

Other AGTEK Consultants . . .

Check AGTEK's lists for additional takeoff, modeling and drone survey service providers.

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