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About  Earthwork Software Services

Earthwork Software Services, LLC provides expert independent training for earthwork modeling and quantity takeoff software produced by AGTEK Development Company of Livermore, California (Earthwork Software Services is a separate, independent entity which has no direct corporate affiliation with AGTEK Development Company).  Our small-group classroom training seminars apply to users of AGTEK's current Earthwork 4D (Sitework 4D/Gradework 4D) products, but much of the content still applies to users of AGTEK's discontinued Earthwork 3D products.  We have been providing AGTEK training services since 1998 and we remain the only independent source of AGTEK software training that is authorized and endorsed by AGTEK.  Feel free to verify our training authorization by asking your local AGTEK representative or by calling AGTEK's corporate office at (925) 606-8197.

The Need for Our Services

A competitive bidding environment, tight profit margins, ever-present time constraints, employee promotions and turnover, and continuous improvements in AGTEK's software all increase the likelihood that your business is not realizing the full potential of your investment in AGTEK software.  Put simply, most AGTEK users are under-trained.  At best, under-trained users waste valuable time on every earthwork takeoff or GPS grading model; at worst, under-trained users unknowingly make mistakes that can lose a job (or much of a job's anticipated profit).  Unless they have spare time for "trial and error" experimentation, even previously trained AGTEK users will be unaware of (and unable to benefit from) new and improved features and functions that are added to AGTEK's software over time.  Productive AGTEK users minimize these risks by getting regular, up-to-date professional training . . . which is just what our services provide.  To read what some of our students have to say about our training services, click here.

AGTEK Training Services We Provide

Regional Seminars:  Our primary focus is on producing our popular public Regional Seminars which are available in various cities throughout North America.  These regularly scheduled public seminars provide detailed, well-structured training in the use of AGTEK's Earthwork 3D, SitePlan 3D, SiteModel 3D, and Sitework 4D software products.  Due to the time demands of producing, updating, scheduling and delivering our public regional seminars, our seminar instructor is not available for private "in house" training sessions.

AGTEK Services We Do Not Provide

Sales:  We do not sell AGTEK software; for AGTEK sales, please call AGTEK at (925) 606-8197.
Technical Support:  We do not provide on-call AGTEK technical support services; for AGTEK technical support, please contact AGTEK by phone at (800) 248-3527 or by e-mail at
If you're not a registered AGTEK customer (you purchased a "used" AGTEK system and do not have access to AGTEK technical support), you can ask for help from other AGTEK users by joining the LinkedIn AGTEK Users Group and posting questions there.
Take-Off and Modeling:  We do not provide earthwork quantity take-off or 3D modeling services; click here for a list of third-party AGTEK consultants specializing in these services.

About Our Web Site

Site Navigation: Click the main menu tabs (above) and buttons/links in the yellow sidebar (left) to learn all there is to know about our AGTEK software training services.  If you have any unanswered questions when browsing our site, feel free to send email; or call (770) 648-6057 or (888) 682-4842.
Site Safety: Use of this site is safe and secure (view our Norton Safe Web and McAfee SiteAdvisor ratings).  Our online seminar registration system uses harmless "session" cookies (temporary text files that are automatically and immediately deleted from your computer) to process your registration submission; this site does not use "persistent" cookies (text files that remain on your computer after you leave a web site).  Our Seminar Registration, Customer Support, and Resource pages also rely on the use of harmless pop-up windows to display important information and you will not be able to view or print important information if your web browser, browser add-ons, or internet security software are set to block pop-up windows (click here for tips about pop-up blockers).  Some of the form-submission pages (Join Mail List, etc.) on this site employ harmless active content (JavaScript) which some web browsers and internet security applications may block, depending on their settings.  For best functionality, please set your web browser and internet security software to allow this site's session cookies, active content and pop-up windows (consult your company's IT Manager should you need assistance in changing any settings on your computer).  You can report functional problems encountered on this site by sending email to our Webmaster.
Site Continuity Notice: After Michael Cope's retirement in late 2023, this website (including all content pages and resource downloads) will remain accessible through at least July of 2025. At some point thereafter, the website will be shut down but the site's content and resources will still be available via the site's web archive (bookmark the archive link for future reference).

Earthwork Software Services Contact Information

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3440 Lismore, Conyers, GA 30012-3196 USA
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(561) 431-5946
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