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The Fall 2022 - Summer 2023 Seminar Schedule is out!
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Fall 2022 - Summer 2023 was our final seminar season . . .
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Our seminars apply to AGTEK's site earthwork modeling and takeoff software.

Takeoff and GPS modeling are two sides of the same coin . . .

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Resources  Useful Links

Seminar Data Files, Program Updates & Much More

Download AGTEK Seminar Training Files

Seminar attendees can download and practice with data files that correspond to the step-by-step exercise instructions found in our seminar handbooks ... go to our File Download page.

AGTEK Software Updates

AGTEK Support subscribers can access software updates via AGTEK's Latest Versions page [for questions, pricing and details regarding AGTEK Support subscriptions, email AGTEK at or call (925) 606-8197] Sign up for AGTEK's periodic email newsletter as a convenient way to stay informed about AGTEK's latest software updates.

Supplemental Site Inspection and Analysis Tools

Our Site Inspection and Analysis Tools page provides descriptions and links to several outstanding resources that an AGTEK user can use to enhance and extend their inspection and analysis of a project site.

Useful Third-Party Software

Click here for an extensive list of links to useful third-party software, including screen capture programs, VRML file viewers, PDF editing and print-to-PDF options, free CAD file viewers, free and low-cost CAD programs, raster/vector data conversion utilities and resources, and other applications of interest to AGTEK users.

Resources for AGTEK GPS Users

Click here for a list of useful resources for AGTEK GPS users, including RTK mission planning, autonomous GPS functions, field computer accessories, and third-party services.

Third-Party AGTEK Takeoff and Modeling Services

Our AGTEK Consultants page provides links to third-party consultants that use AGTEK software to produce 3D grading models for quantity takeoff and/or GPS grade control and project management applications.

Earthwork Construction Education and Training Resources

See our Learning Resources page for links to education, training and professional development resources of interest to AGTEK users.