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Instructor's Biography  Michael E. Cope

Background and Experience

All training provided through Earthwork Software Services is conducted by Michael Cope.  Michael has been involved with the grading and paving industry since 1977 and he has been providing independent AGTEK software training services since 1998.  His industry experience includes ten years as a grading and paving estimator with contractors located in both California and Georgia, and he has logged countless hours using AGTEK earthwork analysis products.  His formal education includes a graduate degree in International Management and undergraduate degrees in Natural and Political Science.
Michael performed earthwork quantity takeoffs by hand for seven years before his much-welcomed introduction to the original “Blue Screen” AGTEK Sitework Analysis System in 1984.  His experience then moved on to EDGE Sitework Engineering and Highway Sections, Graphic Survey, SitePlan 98, and Sitework 98 as the AGTEK product line evolved.  His ongoing immersion in AGTEK software continues today with SiteModel 3D (aka Sitework LT), SitePlan 3D, Earthwork 3D, Graphic Grade 3D, Sitework 4D and Gradework 4D.  Michael's practical hands-on experience with various AGTEK products includes not only modeling, takeoff and analysis of earthwork in the office, but also taking AGTEK data into the field to verify existing topography (and re-topo when necessary), set and check design grades, and collect progress topo data and calculate progress quantities.  In addition to his practical experience in using AGTEK products as an estimator, Michael also spent many years working directly for AGTEK in various capacities, including marketing, sales, seminar instruction, technical support and training.  In the late 1980s, Michael organized, owned and operated an independent AGTEK distributorship (GeoLogic Systems, Inc.) which provided sales, training and service for AGTEK's complete line of software and grade control systems.
Michael has also worked with civil design and digitizing software from other vendors, and his intense interest in such applications led him to complete an exhaustive study of the academic literature associated with digitizing and digital terrain modeling methods and theory with applications to estimating site earthwork, culminating in his 1993 white paper on the topic.  Michael has also written and self-published multiple editions of several very well-regarded technical handbooks addressing the practical use of AGTEK earthwork software, which have been provided to attendees of his corresponding AGTEK training seminars since 2001.
Through his tireless work as a professional trainer, seminar instructor, and technical writer, Michael Cope has helped thousands of AGTEK users get more work done in less time—with fewer mistakes.  Let Earthwork Software Services help you realize the full potential of your investment in AGTEK software. [Note: Although Michael has retired from conducting his regional AGTEK earthwork software training seminars, he continues to update and edit the corresponding AGTEK seminar technical handbooks and his seminar customers can replace/upgrade their original seminar handbooks with Michael's latest available handbook editions.]