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Seminar Handbooks  Handbook Replacement Service

Terms Governing Replacement Seminar Handbook Purchase

Validity of Replacement Seminar Handbook Purchase Request

Requirements  The following requirements must be met in order to make a valid replacement seminar handbook purchase request:
  • A valid replacement seminar handbook purchase request is made in cases where an Earthwork Software Services customer (1) needs to replace a lost, stolen or destroyed seminar handbook or (2) wishes to "update" to the final printing of their original seminar handbook's edition.
  • The replacement handbook purchase request must be made by a "Valid Customer" of Earthwork Software Services, which is defined as follows: An organization (or an independent individual) that has previously purchased admission to an AGTEK Earthwork 3D/4D software training seminar conducted by Earthwork Software Services, as evidenced and confirmed by the seminar registration and accounting records of Earthwork Software Services.
  • A Valid Customer may request the purchase of replacement seminar handbooks only for the Valid Customer's attended seminar days (i.e., "Day 1", "Day 2", "Day 3") and attended seminar season (e.g., "2015-2016", "2014-2015", etc.), as evidenced and confirmed by the seminar registration and accounting records of Earthwork Software Services.
  • Replacement handbook purchase requests must be invoiced to, paid by, and shipped to a Valid Customer (third-party invoice/payment/shipping requests will be rejected).

Available Replacement Seminar Handbooks

We can re-print replacement seminar handbooks for any of our past Earthwork 3D/4D seminar classes (going all the way back to the 2002-2003 seminar season).

Pricing of Replacement Seminar Handbooks

Replacement seminar handbooks are $125.00 per handbook, including shipping via USPS Priority Mail with tracking (applicable sales tax will be added to handbook orders shipped to Georgia addresses). The price also includes our time to (1) research, validate and invoice the request, (2) our time and cost to print and bind the replacement handbooks, and (3) our time to pack and ship the replacement handbooks.

Time to Delivery

One to two weeks, depending on (1) when a replacement seminar handbook purchase request is submitted and approved (allow one to two business days from submission for approval/invoicing), (2) when the invoice is paid (mailing time for you payment check), (3) printing and binding (allow two business days), and (4) quality inspection and packing/shipping time (two to three business days).

What is Delivered

The replacement handbook will be the final handbook printing of the same handbook edition as the original handbook being replaced (e.g., "Day 2 Seminar Handbook" for the "2015 - 2016 Seminar Season") ... same content and same format (8.5 inches x 11.0 inches, comb binding).  Handbook recipients can also make use of any available seminar training files corresponding to their specific replacement seminar handbook.

Replacement Seminar Handbook Sales are Final

All replacement seminar handbook sales are final ... no refunds and no returns.

Click here to request replacement seminar handbooks.