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Strata, Over-Ex & Related Functions

2022 - 2023 Day 3 Seminar Handbook Table of Contents (Final)

  • Cover
  • Note to Self-Paced Users of the Day 3 Seminar Handbooki
  • Notices1
  • Day 3 Quick Reference2
  • Day 3 Table of Contents3
  • Day 3 Seminar Class Outline10
  • Program Overview13
  • Modeling Subsurface Strata21
    • Strata Modeling Overview21
    • Sample Strata Bore Map and Logs22
    • Strata Layers List Entries23
      • Effect on Volume Report23
      • Unknown Termination Material25
      • Cut Compaction Factors25
      • Reversing and Repeating Materials26
      • Groundwater27
      • More Strata Materials Than Layers List Lines28
    • Strata Bore Hole Entries29
    • Strata Break Line Entries33
    • Editing Bore Logs, Break Lines, and Strata Layers List34
    • Strata Interpolation Options35
    • Change Strata Surface Colors35
    • Freeze Strata Layers Option36
    • Clip Strata Utility36
    • Strata Volume Calculations37
    • Strata Volume Reporting38
      • Strata Volume Report (AGTEK 4D)38
      • Rock Undercut Volume (Cut Area Method)38
      • Volume Report With Cut Compaction Factors39
      • Volume Report With No Compaction Factors40
      • Volume Report With Fill Compaction Factor41
      • Calculation of Volume-Weighted Fill Factor42
      • Strata Volumes and Stripping Areas43
      • Strata Volumes with Straight-Slope Interpolation45
    • Viewing Strata Cut Maps46
    • Display Strata Cut Map as Background Image (Gradework 4D)46
    • "Stripping" the Surface Strata Material48
    • Volume of a Strata Seam54
  • Balancing Onsite Cut and Fill58
    • Adjustments to Import/Export Volume58
    • Raise/Lower Amount per Volume Report59
    • Raise/Lower Entire Site59
    • Raise/Lower Specific Data Lines60
    • Edit Tie-In to Existing Street62
  • Identifying Work Areas with Cut-Fill Lines67
    • Stripping Area Conflict at Strata Cut67
    • Model Subsidence Loss at Fill Areas69
    • Stripping Areas by Cut/Fill Depth72
    • Waste Areas by Depth of Cover78
  • Modeling Vertically-Staged Earthwork85
    • Overview of Available Modeling Tools85
    • Five Approaches to a Soil Undercut86
      • (1) Transfer Subgrade Utility86
      • (2) New Surface and Stage Into Utilities (AGTEK 4D)91
      • (3) Apply Survey Utility98
      • (4) Stage Over-Ex Utility105
      • (5) Apply Template Utility (AGTEK 4D)117
    • Modeling for Retaining Wall Cut Back130
      • Create Diff Calculation Surface with Lowest Surface Utility130
      • Create Wall Cut Back Model (AGTEK 4D Method)134
        • Apply Template Utility for Wall Cut Back Lines and Staged Wall-Cut Surface134
        • Balance Region to Limit Calculation Area137
        • Calculate Wall Cut Back and Backfill Volumes138
      • Backfill Volume by Vertical Interval Option139
      • Measure Wall’s Face Area for Backfill Adjustments140
      • Generate Wall Profile141
    • Rock Undercut Volumes (Subtraction Method)142
      • Refusal Rock Undercut Volume143
        • Raise/Lower Function143
      • Overlying Material Undercut Volumes144
        • Delineate Removal Area with Cut/Fill Line144
        • Cut/Fill Line as Report Region Reference145
        • Import Report Region from One Job File into Another146
      • Recap of Undercut Volumes 147
    • Variable-Depth Removal of Expansive Clay148
      • Clay Removal Typical Section151
      • Cut-Fill Line Utility for Removal Transition153
      • Stage Over-Ex Utility for Partial Surface155
      • Excluding Above-Grade Removal Areas156
      • Copy/Paste Bottom of Clay Surface159
      • Stage Over-Ex Utility to Merge Surfaces160
      • Enter Balance Region to Limit Calculation Area162
      • Calculate and Evaluate Volumes163
  • Appendix A: How to Get Help, Training, Program Updates165
  • Appendix B: Keyboard Shortcuts171
    • Import (CAD Transfer) Mode171
    • Edit Mode173
    • Entry Mode178
    • Profile Mode182
    • Planview Mode184
    • 3D View Mode187
    • Volume Report Mode190
    • Haul Report Mode191
    • Print Preview Mode192
  • Appendix C: Download and Use Seminar Training Files193
  • Appendix D: Catalog of Handbook Web Resources197
  • Appendix E: Strata Modeling Considerations in AGTEK 3D203
    • Strata Volume Report203
    • Strata Volumes and Stripping Areas205
    • Strata Volumes with Straight-Slope Interpolation207
    • Strata Volumes when Existing Surface is Modified209
  • Appendix F: Soil Undercut with New Surface Utility in AGTEK 3D211
  • Appendix G: Manually Creating a Lowest Surface Model217
  • Appendix H: Create Wall Cut Back Model in AGTEK 3D227
    • Offset Line Utility for Wall Cut Back Lines231
    • Edit Wall Cut Back Lines Projected above Cut Back Grade232
    • Stage Over-Ex Utility for Staged Wall-Cut Surface233
    • Balance Region to Limit Calculation Area235
    • Calculate Wall Cut Back and Backfill Volumes236
  • Appendix I: "Painting" Balance Regions for Haul Planning237
    • Enter Balance Regions237
    • Edit Balance Regions241
    • Haul Lines and Horizontal Haul Report242
    • Horizontal Slice Report243
    • Additional Notes & Manipulations244
      • Non-Linear Haul Information245
      • Strata Volumes at Balance Regions246
  • Appendix J: Shrink/Swell Adjustments249
    • Three Volume/Density States of Soil249
    • Estimated Shrink/Swell249
      • Soils Report Densities250
      • Densities Not Provided251
      • Mixed Onsite Fill Materials252
    • Measured (Actual) Shrinkage252
    • Shrink on Remove/Scarify/Re-Compact Volumes253
    • Subsidence Loss Adjustment253
      • Bump the Fill Factor254
      • Rule of Thumb Adjustments254
      • Compaction Depth Formula254
      • Topo Method255
    • Haul Swell Adjustment255
    • References and Comments259
  • About the Author and Seminar Instructor261
  • Seminar Attendee Survey263
  • Tear-Out Plan Sheet for Modeling Subsurface Strata Exercise265
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