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Resources  Links For AGTEK GPS Users

RTK Mission Planning, Autonomous Usage, Computer Accessories, & Services

GPS Satellite Availability and RTK Mission Planning

GPS product manufacturers provide free mission planning tools to forecast satellite availability for a project's geographic location before going to the site and setting up a GPS system.
The Topcon® Standalone Mission Planning Tool and GPS+ Almanac data files are still available here.
Trimble® offers GNSS Planning Online and a mobile-friendly version is available here.  Trimble's older Planning Software and Ephemeris data files are still available here (a PDF file containing good instructions on how to install and use the old Trimble planning software may be available here).

GPS (and Optical) Topographic Survey Data Collection Tips

One of our previous seminar attendees (Zach Pieper with Quantum Land Design) has produced a pair of video tutorials providing some excellent tips for those that are new to collecting GPS/optical topographic survey data: The first video includes topo data collection examples for a commercial site, a stockpile and a road (cross-section shots for the road); the second video addresses topo data collection for several over-excavation examples and ends with a brief discussion on the preferred PNEZ ASCII text export format for collected topo survey data.

Trimble Business Center Viewer (Free File-Transfer Module)

A "Viewer" version of Trimble Business Center is available at no charge and it can be used to generate Trimble machine control files from AGTEK surface data.  AGTEK Technical Support has produced a step-by-step training video (Priority Support ID/Password required) that covers exporting AGTEK surface data for Trimble and using Business Center to import AGTEK data and write out the Trimble machine control files. If you're unfamiliar with Business Center, Trimble's TBC Viewer Tutorial may be a helpful reference (a valid email address is required for registration and viewing of the tutorial).

Real-Time Autonomous GPS Site Inspections

Did you know that you can use your AGTEK earthwork modeling and takeoff software to perform real-time autonomous GPS site inspections?  AGTEK's 4D (and 3D Versions 1.40+) modeling and takeoff software can be used with a laptop or tablet computer (if a cheap, off-the-shelf Autonomous GPS receiver is installed) to walk or drive a job site with horizontal reference to the AGTEK surface model and color cut-fill map.  Although it lacks RTK-mode precision, Autonomous-mode GPS requires fewer satellites and will often work under site conditions where RTK-mode is unavailable.  When using the AGTEK 3D/4D software this way on a job site, the horizontal positioning functionality is similar to that of AGTEK's dedicated Autonomous GPS SmartPlan, SmartDirt and SmartTrack mobile apps, but the Smart apps provide many additional functions so be sure to take a look at AGTEK's Smart mobile apps if you want to go "all in" with Autonomous GPS site inspections.  (Tip: if you're not using AGTEK 4D products, you can still collect, save and process Autonomous GPS track data with third-party products like GPS2CAD and ExpertGPS Pro.)

Field Computing Devices and Accessories

There are lots of useful accessories available for the laptops, tablets and smart phones used in the field with AGTEK's applications (if you're looking for reviews of ruggedized computing devices, take a look at Tablet PC Magazine) ...
Screen Protector: BodyGuardz offers screen protectors for smart phones (and some Topcon/Trimble handhelds); NuShield offers screen protectors for PDAs, tablets, and laptops (plus some Leica/Topcon/Trimble handhelds); OtterBox offers screen protectors for smart phones and iPad tablets.
Ruggedized Case: Kensington offers rugged cases for tablets; OtterBox offers rugged cases for smart phones and iPad tablets.
Wireless Mouse: A wireless mouse like Kensington's SureTrackTM Any Surface Bluetooth® Mouse is cable-free and works on virtually any surface (shirt, pants, truck seat, etc.).
Flexible or Foldable Keyboard: A flexible keyboard is portable, resists water and dust, conforms to uneven surfaces (like the hood or tail gate of a truck), but lacks the tactile feel of a traditional keyboard; a foldable keyboard is portable and provides the tactile feel of a traditional keyboard.  Get a Bluetooth version of either type for easy pairing with your tablet or smart phone.

Third-Party AGTEK Modeling Services

Too busy to build a GPS machine control model (or complete a dirt takeoff) with your AGTEK software?  Use this list of AGTEK consultants to find a service provider that can help.