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The Fall 2018 - Summer 2019 Seminar Schedule is here!
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Our seminars apply to AGTEK's site earthwork modeling and takeoff software.

Takeoff and GPS modeling are two sides of the same coin . . .

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Working With CAD, Vector PDF & Survey Data

2018 - 2019 Day 2 Seminar Outline (Final)

  • 8:00 AMSign In and Seating
  • 8:30 AMBrief Seminar and Documentation Overview
  • 8:40 AMModeling with Imported Vector Data
    • Step-by-Step Vector Data Modeling Exercise
      • Starting a New Job for Vector PDF Data
      • Import First PDF Plan Sheet
        • Adjust Display, Note PDF Data Type, Set Sheet Scale
        • Extract and Transfer Vector Data
        • Verify and Correct PDF Sheet Scale
        • Translate PDF Data to Designer's Coordinates
      • Import Next PDF Plan Sheet
        • Adjust Display, Note PDF Data Type, Set Sheet Scale
        • Align Next PDF Plan Sheet (To Previous Sheet)
        • Extract and Transfer Vector Data
        • Correct "Horizontal Shift" Error
      • Re-Importing PDF Plan Sheets
  • 10:00 AMMorning Break
    • 10:15 AMStep-by-Step Vector Data Modeling Exercise (Cont.)
      • Starting a New Job with CAD Data
        • External References & Locked/Off/Frozen Layers
        • Identifying Missing Data
      • Selecting and Transferring Vector Data Layers
        • Existing and Design Data on Same Layer
        • Pre-Transfer Data Settings and Functions
          • Compression (Point Reduction)
          • Min/Max Valid Elevation Filter
          • Transfer Units (Feet, Meters, Architectural)
        • Vector Data Display Options
          • Layer Display Control
          • Hide/Hide All But/Show All
          • Label Display Options
        • Vector Data Selection Options
          • Area Select
          • Layer Select/Deselect
          • Object Select/Deselect
          • Delete Unwanted Data
        • Vector Data Transfer Options
          • To Default Existing/Design Surface (Right Click or Menu)
          • To Specified Surface and Layer (Send To Button)
      • Verifying Vector and Plan Data Match
        • Import and Align PDF Plan Sheet to Vector Data
      • Checking for Bad Imported Elevations
  • 12:00 PMLunch (Provided by Earthwork Software Services)
    • 1:00 PMStep-by-Step Vector Data Modeling Exercise (Cont.)
      • 2D-to-3D Conversion Techniques
        • Elevation Snap (Edit Mode and Entry Mode)
        • Auto-Increment Snap
        • Bridge Gap (Join) Utility
        • Break Lines
        • Auto Pad Utility
        • Conform Selected Utility
        • Slope and Daylight Elevation Calculators
      • Checklist for Finishing Models and Takeoff
  • Additional CAD Data Manipulation Examples
    • Check and Adjust for Architectural Units
    • Data Prep for Auto Pad Utility
    • Street Model Using Conform Selected Utility
  • 2:30 PMAfternoon Break
  • 2:45 PMModeling with ASCII Text Survey Data
    • Overview and Required Data Format
    • Borrow Pit Modeling & Volumes I (No Starting Topo)
    • Borrow Pit Modeling & Volumes II (Before and After Topos)
    • Quantify and Document Bid Topo Update
    • Cross-Section Data Modeling Problem [If Time Permits]
  • 4:30 ~ 5:00 PMAdjourn
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